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The NACCAS Customer Relationship System (CRM) is a password-restricted proprietary database intended for the exclusive use of the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS), NACCAS’ accredited schools, and their authorized personnel. Access to the CRM (including but not limited to the viewing, copying, addition to, deletion of or modification of any data contained in the CRM) by any other person is strictly prohibited.

If you have a school that has a CRM account with NACCAS, then you have already been assigned a username and password to access the NACCAS CRM system. If you are a new user and you are looking to register for a workshop or you are interested in becoming accredited, then you will need to create a new user account in order to fill out any online applications.

By accessing the CRM, the user acknowledges and agrees to the terms of (i) the NACCAS CRM Terms of Use and (ii) the NACCAS CRM Privacy Policy.




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